(for residential groups over 10 participants. If you wish to come with a smaller group, individually, or book the place without accomodation, please contact us at The pricelist is valid from January 1st 2015.


Large Meditation Hall (11 x 9,5m, wooden floor, daylight, door to the garden, sound system and light dimmers, fireplace)                                                                                          2500 czk/day (1-3 days), 1600 czk/day (4-7 days), 900 czk (8 or more days)

Large or Small Meditation Hall in the villa (56 or 68 sq.m, wooden floor, six large windows with a forest/lake view, sound system)                                                                     1500 czk/day (1-3 days), 1000 czk/day (4-7 days), 500 czk (8 or more days)

Tipi with a fireplace (8m in diameter) for up to 25 people    1500 czk/day



is provided in the villa on matraces, usually in your own sleeping bag.

Capacity: 1 room for 10 people, 1 room for 8 people, 2 rooms for 2-4 people, other places in the meditation rooms.

  • Price …. 10 euro / night
  • Rent of bedsheets … 4 euro /stay
  • Rent of towel … 1 euro / stay

From spring to autumn limited availability of 2 to 4 person wooden cabins in the garden for 10 euro / night, or sleeping in your own tent for 6 euro / night.
(Sun-heated shower and drinking water nearby)



We cook vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free/ with meat according to your needs and type of event. Organic and local fresh resources without chemical treatment. Made with love.

Full vegetarian board (3 meals a day) … 10 euro /day (for groups over 12 people)                                                                 … 12 euro /day (for groups up to 12 people)


  • up to 5 years FREE
  • from 5 to 12 years 60 % of the adult price

BOOKING at, also for individual details and requirements.

Advanced payment needed to confirm the booking. Amount equal to the required space rental (i.e. Large room in the villa for the weekend is 3000 czk = 120 euro).


Over 40 days before coming Administration fee of 500 czk
31 – 40 dnů before coming 25 % of the advanced payment
21 – 30 dnů before coming 50 % of the advanced payment
0 – 20 dnů before coming 100 % of the advanced payment

 The prices does not include VAT.


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