Movement Medicine Gathering

Movement MedicinePlace:
For the first meeting we chose a nice retreat centre about 2 hours from Prague in the
Czech Republic. We chose it because we would like to open the possibility of meeting not
only in UK or in the Western part of Europe. Most of us need to travel to the meeting spot
anyway and the retreats in Eastern European countries are generally much cheaper, so
the overall costs should be affordable.
Plus – if you wanted to come earlier or stay on a bit and sightsee – it is definitively worth it.
Prague is one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe :-).
Here is the website of the centre:
It is a lovely and large retreat centre with different types of places to stay: rooms/common
The food is vegetarian or whatever we order. There is a nice new and spacious dance hall
for us to dance, meet in and an outside swimming pool. It is in the middle of nature.
We booked the retreat centre for 5 days from 2nd September evening till Sunday 6th
September lunch time. So we will start 2nd Sept. at 6 p.m. by dinner, and finish on Sunday
6th Sept. by lunch at 1 p.m.

Cost and registration:
We would ask the people who want to participate in this gathering to book space(s) till the
end of May 2015 (then you get the early bird discount!). As we need to confirm the booking
with the retreat centre. The organization fee is 70 euro per person (50 € early bird till 31th
of May) – and this would also be the deposit you pay to secure the space and make us
proceed with organizing.
Apart from that you only pay accommodation and food – depending on the standard you
The accommodation is 250 Cz crowns, about 9 Euro (depending on the exchange rate)
per day if you stay in the house, 140 CZc, about 5 Euro, in the tent, the food for the whole
day 260 CZc, less then 10 Euro. So for the whole stay it would be about 80 Euro.

Register, Contact and Requests to:
Sven Ullmann – Germany: Mobile: 0049 170 1885251
Katarina Stejskalova – Czech Republic: Phone+420 723 293054
Tatiana Cichocka – Poland:

Organization fee 70 € or 50 € payment before 31th May 2015 – Early bird
Transfere Money to Bankaccount:
Name: Jana Ullmann
IBAN DE 887316 0000 0000 092630

Accommodation & Food please pay direct at the Seminar Center

Be aware:
If you have, for whatever reason, to cancel, your deposit will be forfeited and you have to
pay the cancellation fees of the conference center. Except you bring a replacement. We
encourage you to consider whether it is worth a travel cancellation insurance.
Should not it take place, you get the full deposit paid back.

The organizers accept no responsibility for any financial, physical or mental damage. The
participant warrants that he has no health reserving for this event. The participant
assumes full responsibility for his actions and his health.

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