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Dear Friends and Guests,

We welcome you to Sklenarka, a 100 plus years old romantic villa situated in the middle of the forest in the Orlice river basin, 130 km east of Prague, the Czech capital. The harmonic combination of the ancient woodland, flowering meadows, pond and the well suited buildings provide a rare background to refresh your body and soul.
From 2013 the villa at Sklenarka has been revitalised as a meditation and education centre to include a holistic perspective and the freedom to live life as nature intended.
We are opening the villa and the grounds to individuals, families, groups, teachers and social groups, seminars and for weekend visits and short and long term accommodation.

We can currently offer the following:

  • Accommodation for up to 50 people in the villa, mostly in shared rooms
  • Accommodation for 16 persons in 2 cottages
  • 3 halls of 54m2, 66m2 and 105m2 respectively, equipped with matraces, cushions, curtains and sound system
  • data projector, screen and flipchart
  • A kitchen with access to natural ingredients, dining room with fire place and an terrace overlooking the garden
  • A tipi with capacity for 25 people and a central fire and a sweatlodge
  • 7 hectares of extensive private gardens, meadows and woods
  • A circular natural swimming pool with clean flowing water
  • Our own courses and therapies including massage, yoga, detoxication, cookery and meditation, sweatlodge, firewalk, mens´and womens´circles, way of council
  • free Wi-fi and parking
  • experimental ground for life in a community
  • Suitable for families with children, not suitable for dogs and pets
  • cycling, hiking and many cultural and natural sigts in a nearby surroundings

příjezd na Sklenářku

About us

Sklenarka venue is currently rented by Sklenarka Ltd., a Czech company founded with the aim of reconstruction, renovation and long-term development of the whole area.

Since 2013 it is has been run by Honza and Tereza Dlabal, who live for the vision of whole, sustainable and free life in harmony with nature and natural Being, and sharing it with others. Together with a group of people with similar life philosophy they bring this beatiful and unique space to its full potential.

We have previous experience with running the Green Mill meditation centre, as well with organization of personal growth seminars and production and catering for all of that. We try to create ideal conditions for those who search for a place suitable for the personal path of new knowledge, health, inspiration of heart and peaceful mind. We intent to focus on conscious and human qualities in mutual respect, joy and love.

We are open to the synthesis of ancient Traditions and Knowledge of deep roots with needs of nowadays´ society in respect towards the nature, our Mother Earth and the Universe.“


  •  save the unique place from getting ruined by time and bad treatment
  • renovate the place to multi-function centre and full service of accomodation, catering and related areas
  • organize own programme with focus on our ancestors´ wisdom and conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle (yoga, cookery, detoxication of body and mind, etc)
  • create permaculture garden and eco-farm for partial supply for our kitchen and the inhabitants
  • create educational ecological programme for school and kindergarten kids
  • create experimental field for sustainable community and life in respect to nature
  • become a regional centre for sharing information and inspiration for sustainable living (housing, food, construction, green energy etc)
  • collaborate with the regional institutions
  • support networking, conscious businness and collaboration

We are open to support and with love and gratitude we welcome mutually beneficial cooperation:

  1. With experienced teachers of all aspects of personal growth, therapists and coaches, artisans, experts and artists in the areas of natural building, permaculture, nourishment, health and the arts.
  2. With groups, organisations and experts which resonate with the intention of creating an open space and would like to cooperate in the areas of natural building, ecology, social and conscious enterprises, information marketing, alternative energy, media and communication, fundraising,administration and law, education


History of the place

Villa Sklenářka was built in 1906 by local enterpreneur Rudolf Seykora for his partner, a famous actress and opera singer of the Czech Natioanal Theatre, Otýlie Sklenářová – Malá, who used to come there in the following years. The place is named after her. The area was designed as place for Love, Art, Sharing and Meeting. Anyway, she stayed married till the end of life in 1913 and Rudolf Seykora spent last 14 years of his life mostly alone.

During the WWII the place was discovered by the German occupants and was used as Hitlerjugend camp. This unhappy part of its history was changed by the end of war and shortly after that it became a state property as a result of the communist revolution in 1948. The regime established a summer camp for city children and built new facilities for this (wooden cabins in the gardens, the „white house“ and two flats in the building next to the entrance).

After the Velveet Revolution in 1989 the property was returned to rightful heirs and they started to rent it to different companies and individuals, who did not treat the place always in a proper way and used it in a rather imbalanced way.

Only during last few years the vision of the place has been connected with ecology, sustainable lifestyle and new ways of living. One serious attempt to establish a community here failed in 2013.

And here we are at present moment and new epoque of this unique place has just started. We do our best to plant seeds of the future vision-tree, enable Sklenarka to show its full potential and restore the balance between giving and receiving, which we feel has been greatly damaged in the past.

The place needs help of everyone who comes here for beauty. Please support and reward this unique piece of land with thanks and prayer for harmony while you are here or on the leave. It will be most welcomed by all spirits that have been unnoticed and disrespected for many years.