Sklenarka unites the owners of the venue, managers of the meditation and retreat centre and its long- term inhabitants. All aim to gradual reconstruction of the whole place and its returning to its original purpose- the service to all those who can appreciate its unique beauty and depth.

Things got moving in 2013 when the team was joined by Honza and Tereza Dlabals. The couple live for the vision of whole, sustainable and free life in harmony with nature and natural Being, and sharing it with others. Together with a group of people with similar life philosophy they are bringing this beautiful and unique space to its full potential. The Community of long term inhabitants of Sklenarka also came to existence and in 2015 it took autonomy in managing a part of the grounds.

Since 2018 Sklenarka has become the seat of a non-profit organization and project FOREST.INK, whose aim is to support the development of an Ecuadorian rainforest reservation, in order to conserve a large part of the original biotope, to support research and preservation of indigenous traditions. The Ecuadorian partner is BOSQUE MEDICINAL foundation (“healing forest”), already collaborating with a few world universities and organizations.

„ We strive to establish and offer the grounds for those who are in search for a space for conscious life in freedom, on the path of health, self awareness and sustainability. We want to create and maintain a space for a peaceful rest which could serve to all who need it.

Our intention is to live in harmony, joy and love.

We trust it is possible to find a place where the ancient Traditions and Knowledge of deep roots can meet the needs of nowadays´ society, in mutual respect and honor to the nature and its rhythms, own self, other beings , our Mother Earth and the Universe.“


  • recover this unique place from getting ruined by the time and improper treatment it received in the past
  • renovate the place to a multi-function center for retreats, meditation, natural healing and education, with a full range of accommodation, catering, conveniences and related services
  • organize our own program with focus on our ancestors´ wisdom and on conscious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle (yoga, cooking, detoxification of body and mind, sweat-lodge etc)
  • create experimental field for a self-sustainable Community, life in respect to nature and open communication
  • build a nature trail and rest area for hikers and cyclist
  • create a permaculture garden and an eco-farm to partially supply our kitchen and inhabitants
  • create and offer educational ecological program for school and kindergarden children
  • become a regional center for sharing information and inspiration for sustainable living (housing, food, construction, green energy etc)
  • support networking, conscious business and cooperation as opposed to competitive approach
  • closely collaborate with the regional institutions/li>
  • build the place and its vision on long term and cooperative basis


We are open to support and with love and gratitude we welcome mutually beneficial cooperation:

1.      With experienced teachers of all aspects of personal growth, therapists and coaches, artisans, experts and artists in the areas of natural constructions, permaculture, nourishment, holistic health care, naturopathy, handicraft, arts etc.

2.      With groups, organizations and experts which resonate with the intention of creating an open space and would like to cooperate in the areas of natural building, ecology, social and conscious enterprises, marketing, alternative energy, media and communication, fundraising, administration and law, education