Villa Sklenářka got its name after Otýlie Sklenářová – Malá- a famous actress and opera singer of the Czech National Theatre. Her admirer and lover – a local  entrepreneur Rudolf Seykora- built the villa for her in 1906. She used to come and stay here in the following years and the venue was designed and used as a space for Love, Art, Sharing and Meeting. However, the actress stayed married till the end of her life in 1913 and Rudolf Seykora spent the last 14 years of his life mostly alone.

During the WWII the place was taken by the Nazi occupants and was used as Hitlerjugend camp. The end of war brought a change to this unhappy part of the villa history and in 1948 it became a state property as a result of the communist revolution. The regime established a summer camp for city children there and new facilities were built to serve this purpose (the wooden cabins in the gardens, the „white house“ and two flats in the building next to the entrance).

After the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the property was returned to its rightful heirs and they started to rent it to various companies and individuals, who did not always treat the place properly and used it in a rather imbalanced way.

Only during the last few years the vision of the place has been connected with ecology, sustainable lifestyle and new ways of living. One serious attempt to establish a community here failed in 2013.

And here we are at present moment and new epoque of this unique place has just started. We do our best to plant seeds of the future vision-tree, enable Sklenarka to show its full potential and restore the balance between giving and receiving, which- as we feel- had been greatly damaged in the past.

The place needs help from everyone who comes here for its beauty. Please support and reward this unique piece of land with thanks and prayer for harmony while you are here or on the leave. It will be most welcome by all the spirits that have been unnoticed and disrespected for many years.