Sklenarka operating rules

  • Sklenarka space consists of public and private areas.

    PUBLIC space contains: the VILLA (except for the Tower) and surrounding space, LARGE MEDITATION HALL, CABINS IN THE GARDEN, DARKNESS ROOM, the POND and space behind, CIRCLE OF TREES, INDIAN MEADOW (teepee, sweatlodge, firewalk, archery), SACRED GROVE, PARKING PLACE.

  • PRIVATE space contains: APARTMENTS next to the entrance, WHITE HOUSE, COTTAGES and surrounding spaces, TECHNICAL ROOMS (work-room, garage, woodsheds, stored wood, cutters, garden sheds, store-room), GARDENS, ANIMALS ENCLOSURE, CONSTRUCTION WORKS.

    Please respect the privacy of inhabitants.

  • If you need to borrow some tools, ask the staff. Please put the tools back to its original place after having finished your work. If you break something, or find something broken, kindly inform the staff.

  • Please respect the staff safety instructions, mainly towards use of heating and fire-keeping. Don´t let candles and incense burn unwatched. Sklenarka public space is non-smoking and without use of alcohol.

  • Guests stay here at their own responsibility. Parents are reponsible for their children, animal keepers for their animals. The dogs and other “visiting” animals are not allowed to run freely in the area, mainly due to the peacock family. Animals are not allowed in the villa and can only stay in the cabins or tents – please check the options before you come.

  • Swimming in the pond is at one´s own risk. The water is about 1,2m deep and there is a barrel with lotus underwater in the centre.

  • All programme taking place in Sklenarka is optional. Everyone participates according to his/her free decision and is responsible for his/her physical and psychical condition.