International Summer ART CAMP

A Call to Artistic Fellowship in the Czech Republic

 Come Create an Art Camp Community at “In the Heart of Nature” Retreat Center

At Vila Sklenarka

Join with other international multi-disciplinary artists in an experiment of creative fusion for 15 days in the heart of the Czech Republic.

“In the Heart of Nature” Retreat Center at Vila Sklenarka (pronounced Vil-lah Skleh-narsh-ka in the Czech tongue) is located in the forest outside Kostelec nad Orlici, two hours east of Prague. A small community of families, individuals, koi and peacocks assists the Center with preparing meals, attending the surroundings and creating beauty. The food is organic and mostly grown at the Center or from the local communities and the swimming pond is fresh water fed.

The Art Camp begins August 24th, 2014 with 15 days of:

Collaboration, Retreat, Sacred Ceremony, Exploration, and Creative Passion!

There will be dancing, music, sculpting and paints, yoga, meditation, poetry and theater, Tipi Circles and Native American Sweatlodge (sacred sauna), collaborative innovation, individual art time, excursions to the countryside, cultural activities, children’s activities, adult playtime and exhibitions of your creative work. Come bring your own visions to life.

Come for a weekend or a week or the whole 15 days.

Families, Couples and Individuals are all welcome.


30 euros/day per adult*
15 euros/day per child

Meals at the Villa and dorm sleeping included. Limited availability of 2 to 4 person cabins.  

*scholarship assistance available with volunteer work assignment.

All activities will be in English.

Registration begins July 1, 2014.

Contact: Dorit BatShalom,, or John Acker,, or Vila Sklenarka,

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